We are a private limited company specialized in providing opportunities for all. Our company is devoted to the sport, and we do everything we can to guide small clubs towards the top. We believe that financial limitations shouldn’t stop an individual or a club from rising up, and that’s the reason we create opportunities for everyone regardless of their background and circumstances.

However, we do not operate in isolation; instead, we work proactively and constructively with our Member Clubs and other tennis authorities to improve the quality of tennis in the UK, and across the world. SmartTennis helps good players become great by providing exceptional opportunities and training. If you’ve made the choice to go professional our coaching and unmatched guidance can help you get the skills and vision you need to get to where you want.

We provide people with a network of tennis players with different skill sets and ages, to come together and compete at different locations. Despite professional rules, our purpose is to enhance the pool of players that can compete with each other, and collectively contribute to the development of the sport. Moreover, we set prizes and rewards for players who win the matches, to encourage a healthy sense of competition and camaraderie. Our coaching management team goes out of its way to make sure that all members of the community from beginners to professionals feel welcome to tennis clubs and that every one regardless of age can compete within their own categories.

For amateurs, we offer fun based training at our tennis camps, which provide them with the basic skills required to start the game. To encourage healthy competition, we have a ranking system which can also help an aspiring athlete in a professional career. Plus, the regularly held tournaments keep the players engaged, and help them harness their skills.

Mission Statement:

To further the growth of the sport, recreationally and professionally, and to provide opportunities to people with limited finances, so they can fulfill their dreams and reach their true potential.

Core Values

Ultimately, our devotion lies with the sport, and its sustained development and that is where our motivation comes from. We are committed to ensure that each one of our players feel welcome to the club, and are able to get the assistance they need whether they are professionals or amateurs, seniors or juniors or men or women.

Register now, help us expand our network, and provide people with the opportunity to develop the skills they need to reach their goals.