In line with our ultimate goal of constantly increasing sustainable participation of the sport from grass roots to professional levels, we organize competitions and tournaments all year round. These competitions are not just for professionals, and we have different categories for all types of players, so that everyone can engage in friendly competition and enhance their skills. Moreover, the competitions aren’t baseless, there are prizes and points. This also helps players assess their performance quantitatively.

If you’re tired of all the pointless inter club tournaments, try us out; our tournaments have a purpose and various rewards, with the additional advantage of gaining club rankings.

The best thing about us is that we constantly review our structure, and try to facilitate change where possible. We are under a constant evolution of sorts, the sole purpose of which is to welcome all members regardless of age, sex, and social background.

Categories and Skill Levels

Typically, we have three age groups, Mini Tennis group, Junior Tennis age 13- 15 and Open group age 14+. There is a men and women category from Junior Tennis onwards.

For more on competitions, Please go to SmartTennis Premier League.