The OLM Tennis Club has recently transformed its structure, with the aim of making the club more welcome to all sorts of people. With the help of Smart Tennis, they have realigned their rules and how the club relates with its members, to make the club more accessible to players of all ages and skills. We want to prove to everyone, that we are not only devoted to Adult and recreational player, but wanted to encourage participation in the sports on all levels. Thus, SmartTennis will be operating from OLM Tennis Club, managing the coaching aspect of the club. Now all the coaching will be managed by the Head Coach at Smart Tennis; William Ikome. The new system, which has been facilitated by taking measures and changing the coaching management team welcomes players of all ages and skills. This is our attempt to convince people that the old system is gone, and that now everyone can truly feel a part of our club; from juniors to seniors, men and women, skilled and unskilled players. We are devoted to accommodate all. The new system will ensure that the needs of all the players are accommodated, and that everyone feels welcome to compete in their own categories and harness their skills to develop a better game. Our aim and with the help of SmartTennis is to make sure that opportunities are given to players from all backgrounds. The Club recently resurfaced 3 of its courts and can now boast of 5 all weather outdoor carpet courts, 2 of which are floodlit. The partnership has proven to be mutually beneficial for Smart Tennis and OLM Tennis Club, and Smart Tennis is passionate about making the most of this opportunity, by making each member feel like they are a part of huge family of tennis players. Measures have been taken to make the whole system friendlier for people who are new to the sport. This will help the OLM Tennis Club convince people that the old system is gone and that the new system appreciates and accommodates members of all types, and it will help SmartTennis increase people’s interest in the sport, and increase participation, which is what we ultimately want. Register with us today, and become a part of our intricately connected family.