Since Smart Tennis aims to increase sustainable participation on all levels, we organize tennis camps during the holidays. Our camps are designed for beginners who are just beginning to learn the game, as well as advanced players who would like to experience Tennis Academy style coaching. Beginner sessions are aimed to teach the basic skills needed to start developing their game. Anyone can start playing tennis, but when people start developing their skills in an unsupervised manner, they are bound to develop some mistakes.

We make sure that we can address all the basic skills before you develop your game, so that you don’t have to unlearn the things that you have already learnt from practice. Advance Sessions are more intense drill based sessions to give you the feel of tennis academy style coaching.

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Smart Tennis accommodates players of all ages, and we never shy away from providing opportunities to people regardless of their age, skill level and background. To us, each member matters equally because our devotion is not to the elite class of players who attract awe and prestige, our ultimate devotion is to the sport, and that means making everyone feel welcome to the club is a part of our job.

We attract a vast network of players and coaches, and we make sure that their skills are utilized in the most sustainable way possible. We genuinely believe that talent and skills shouldn’t be wasted, and thus; we facilitate the process of allowing coaches to pass down their knowledge of the game to amateurs, kids, and people who aspire to play professionally.

Our coaching methods are innovative and effective, and we make sure that everyone has a memorable, fun-filled, and learning experience at our camps. Through this, we can further expand our pool of players, and motivate youngsters and amateurs to work on their game and perhaps even aspire to be professionals.

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